Friday, January 16, 2009

Where was she when I went to Europe?

I went to Italy for my honeymoon and even though I had lived there when I was kid I had no idea where to go or where I even wanted to go. So we took the safe route and went to a travel agent at our local AAA. She was helpful in the way that she gave us books to look at, but she had no insight on giving us places to go. She left it all up to us and she booked it.

I was reading my daily blogs and Lucy at inside the d*lish studio wrote a little tidbit about Easy Euro Trip. Their studio actually designed their business cards and blog. See it here. I found her blog fascinating because I flashed back to how much I would have appreciated something like this. Here's what Katie has to say about Easy Euro Trip.

Easy Euro Trip plans custom trips to Europe while staying within each customers budget. Included in each trip are all flights, hotels, transportation between cities, maps, directions, and city guides. These city guides are based on what locals like to do in each city, as well as the tourist attractions worth visiting. We provide you with all of the reservations and advice you need, so all you have to do is pack your bag and go!

I don't know when I'm planning on going back to Europe, but I will definitely give Katie a call. Check her out at her blog.

image from Easy Euro Trip

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Henny @ DLSH said...

Hi Myra! Thank you for your comment and blog! Katie is awesome and she's really good at what she does. It's like getting recommendations from a friend.