Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simply Beautiful

I was looking for inspiration and boy did I find it! This stunning identity set designed by Eric Kass at Funnel made my jaw drop. The classic and vintage look makes me swoon. I'm a fan. Check out more of his work at his blog.

images via graphic-exchange

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm crossing my fingers

Remember when I posted about the poster contest that Sara Bareilles was having? Well... I wanted to share what I wound up designing. Today was the deadline, so wish me luck!

image by myra greenlee

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm not a flowers and candy person anyways.

Once I read about this I had to share the news!!! Just in time for Valentine's Day. I'll post album art as soon I get a hold of it!

Sweetheart CD Available January 30th

Covering "I Put a Spell on You," She & Him is featured on a new compilation CD titled, "Sweetheart." Available on January 30th and found exclusively in North American Starbucks stores, "Sweetheart" features 14 love song covers from artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Rogue Wave, Department of Eagles, Katy Perry, A.C. Newman, and more.

Full Track Listing:
1. Death Cab for Cutie - Love Song
2. Katy Perry - Black and Gold
3. DeVotchKa - Hot Burrito #1 (I'm Your Toy)
4. Department of Eagles - Love Me
5. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Words of Love
6. Ben Bridwell - Your Love Is Forever
7. Kate Tucker - I'm on Fire
8. Rogue Wave - Maps
9. A.C. Newman - Take on Me
10. Jem - Yellow
11. Richard Hawley - Early Morning Rain
12. Daniel Martin Moore - I Hear Music
13. She & Him - I Put a Spell on You
14. Lila Downs - My One and Only Love

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Milk + Honey :: The Camp, Costa Mesa, CA

This is Lindsey. She made my yummy Mango Shaved Ice.

My yummy Mango Shaved Ice.

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milk + honey
2981 Bristol Street B-6
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For those of you who are stuck at work today...

Don't miss out on this! See it live on your computer and follow along with facebook at Thank goodness for technology.

image from

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stuck on Sara

I'd like to say that I have good sense when it comes to music. My dear friend may seem to differ, and I have to give him credit for introducing me to some pretty awesome artists. However, I am stuck on Sara. You know, Sara Bareilles, that girl who sings that "Love Song" song. Or as I like to call it, my happy song. I got the opportunity to see this fabulous gal in concert at the Wiltern last October and despite the 2 bimbos who kept singing EVERY song to each other and hitting me with their huge purse because of their dancing (who brings a purse the size of a bus to a concert anyways?), I still swoon over Sara's music and I was not disappointed.

Ok, here comes the good part. She's having a contest to design a poster for the Gravity tour. How excited are you now? I'm super duper excited. I've never designed a concert poster before, but with some inspiration I think I can come up with something. Here are the details from Sara herself (actually from the email I got from the mailing list!)...

We are embarking on a month of incredibly intimate shows where we are taking a new approach to our performance. Not so much costumes and circus dogs, (although that would be AWESOME) but new instrumentation and arrangements, some new songs and covers, and hopefully just a lovely bookend to wrap up our touring for this record.

The chosen submission will be picked by yours truly. (me, sara, duh.) We will do a limited edition printing of YOUR design and offer the posters for sale on the Gravity Tour ONLY!


The winner will also receive a pretty cool package of stuff:
not so much costumes and circus dogs but...
  • 4 tickets to the show of your choice
  • Meet and greet with moi (that's where we MEET and GREET each other)
  • Signed copy of Little Voice on Vinyl
  • DVD of Between the Lines
  • Sara B t-shirts and other fun stuff.

  • Submissions must be received no later than


    Ok, so how awesome is that! If you're a big fan like me, I'd like to see what you come up with. And we'll inspire each other! Good luck and go Gravity!

    photos and info from Sara B Website photos by Autumn De Wilde

    Friday, January 16, 2009

    Where was she when I went to Europe?

    I went to Italy for my honeymoon and even though I had lived there when I was kid I had no idea where to go or where I even wanted to go. So we took the safe route and went to a travel agent at our local AAA. She was helpful in the way that she gave us books to look at, but she had no insight on giving us places to go. She left it all up to us and she booked it.

    I was reading my daily blogs and Lucy at inside the d*lish studio wrote a little tidbit about Easy Euro Trip. Their studio actually designed their business cards and blog. See it here. I found her blog fascinating because I flashed back to how much I would have appreciated something like this. Here's what Katie has to say about Easy Euro Trip.

    Easy Euro Trip plans custom trips to Europe while staying within each customers budget. Included in each trip are all flights, hotels, transportation between cities, maps, directions, and city guides. These city guides are based on what locals like to do in each city, as well as the tourist attractions worth visiting. We provide you with all of the reservations and advice you need, so all you have to do is pack your bag and go!

    I don't know when I'm planning on going back to Europe, but I will definitely give Katie a call. Check her out at her blog.

    image from Easy Euro Trip

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Do you believe in the tooth fairy?

    My parents encouraged the belief of the tooth fairy. I saw it as an opportunity to make some money. Every time I had a loose tooth, I worked so hard to yank that sucker out. There was no mercy! So I would place my tooth into an envelope right on my night stand. Sometimes I would decorate it hoping it would make a difference. The next morning I am expecting a treat. My tooth fairy was extra generous because I guess my teeth were worth $20! How exciting for me!

    Letter M has an awesome product that I'm proud to promote. Introducing the Tooth Cushion. No more envelopes or placing the tooth underneath your pillow with the fear of it getting lost.

    THE ANIMAL CUSHIONS are something I had a whole lot of fun with this last fall while I was designing the window panels. I created them as an exercise to improve my sewing skills, and to give to my children and to friends. A friend pointed out that they would make perfect tooth fairy cushions, so I decided to make lots and include them in the shop. image and description {from Letter M}

    The designer also has a line of home accessories inspired by her love of clean modern design, bold mid-century print & pattern, and whimsical, vintage-inspired fashion. Check our her etsy shop.

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Target's Red Hot Shop

    I love everything at Target. It's the first place I go to when I need anything. But have you seen Target's Red Hot Shop yet? Apparently, they put together a collection of uber-cute items that are sure to make you giddy. For those of us on the west coast, this is our only exposure. However, if you're in New York, I believe they had some random pop-ups of the Bullseye Bodega. Fellow blogger, Carlene from "It's Heavenly" posted about it here.

    Here are a couple of my faves on the list...

    Gama-Go Bird Throw Pillow

    Speedball Original Screen Printing Kit


    images via Target

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009

    A New Year :: A New Magazine

    Mankind Magazine is here and it has a brand new look. Erin is no long offering free downloads, but $1.99 is chump change when it goes to something as awesome as this. Click here to get your copy.

    image from Design for Mankind

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    :: Type Tuesday :: ecofont

    Here’s the backstory: Most printer cartridges end up in landfills. The more ink we use, the more garbage we create. So Spranq designed a font that uses 20 percent less ink by simply removing as much of each letter as possible, while still leaving it readable. Basically, the whizzes got rid of the line that connects the dots to create the characters.

    It’s free to download and use, so there’s no reason not to.

    Unless you’re just a total a-hole. Available online at

    via Daily Candy

    Calling All Type Lovers

    For all the type lovers out there, get Typodarium. It's a calendar that introduces a new font a day. Unfortunately, it's not in print anymore, but you can download it for your i-phone or as a dashboard widget. I got mine already!

    image from Typodarium. found via fine little day

    Friday, January 2, 2009

    :: Suffix.Abuse ::

    suffix.abuse love button

    I came across this blog while adding double-sidedtape to Facebook. Suffix.Abuse is a witty blog written by Mary Corcoran. I love how resourceful she is and she definitely knows how to inspire me! She has great taste and the color palette is divine. I look forward to seeing what finds she puts up next.

    image from Suffix.Abuse