Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mustache Comb Necklace - Jewels - Makool Loves You

Mustache Comb Necklace - Jewels - Makool Loves You

This necklace reminds me of my dad and my little collection of moustache combs I had when I was growing up. (via Makool Loves You)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 Years Stong

::5 years::

Ten years ago my sister married her soul mate and i was given the task to design the wedding invitation. This was "the one" that launched my passion for creating wedding invitations.

On their 5th anniversary I decided to redesign the invitation as a gift to them. My first intention was to frame the original, but i seriously don't have it. I never kept one for myself. The files are probably on a 3.5 floppy disk! So, there's no way I'll ever recover that invitation.

So, for their 10 year anniversary which was on September 25th, I have a new design! It's still in line with their color scheme and it's updated. I think I'm starting a new tradition! Here's to another 5 years and counting, Ate Vi & Ron. I love you guys!

Twig & Thistle :: Blog Spotlight

Twig & Thistle is a blog written by a talented designer named Kathleen. I read it EVERYDAY. It's kind of like my creative cup of coffee. I can't start my creative day without it. Everything Kathleen writes about is absolutely beautiful and definitely inspires me. I think I have all their posts flagged on my Net News Wire!

What inspires you and get your creative juices flowing?

Madi's Place 1st Annual Holiday Boutique

image via Madi's Place

I'll be participating as a vendor at the 1st Annual Holiday Boutique for Madi's Place on Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th.

Karrie Rodriguez is the brains behind this wonderful event. We connected through Facebook and I was intrigued when she posted about wanting "crafty people" for a boutique she's organizing. So I responded that I was interested and now I'm super excited about it! From the first meeting I've already met some wonderful people and huge doors have opened for double-sided tape.

image via Madi's Place

Madi's Place sells a variety of items from girls clothing, accessories and Jewelry to womens BLING shirts & Hats! We have something for all the "GIRLY GIRLS" out there!
*****MADI'S PLACE*******
~ For The Diva In All Of Us ~

Madi's Place 1st Annual Holiday Boutique
Saturday, November 7th :: 10am - 6:30pm
Sunday, November 8th
:: 10am - 6:30pm
13748 Robinsong Way
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

A Bit of Inspiration

We all get in our funks and need a bit of a creative push. I stumbled upon Lizzy Jansen while on My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses. (Love that blog name!) Her combination of water color and collages with handwritten type is pure bliss. Feast your eyes on her lovely art here.

image via Lizzy Jansen

Friday, October 16, 2009

::giveaway at oh, hello friend::

Danni from oh, hello friend is having an awesome giveaway from Hooray Design on her blog! All you have to do is visit hooray design shop and leave a comment with your favorite item from their shop. Click here to enter. Good luck to all of you, but i secretly hope I win :).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Website is LIVE!

Phew! Now I can finally stop saying, "my website is under construction." For now... Please check it out and give me your input. HTML & CSS are definitely my friends now. Click here to see the goods.