Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do you believe in the tooth fairy?

My parents encouraged the belief of the tooth fairy. I saw it as an opportunity to make some money. Every time I had a loose tooth, I worked so hard to yank that sucker out. There was no mercy! So I would place my tooth into an envelope right on my night stand. Sometimes I would decorate it hoping it would make a difference. The next morning I am expecting a treat. My tooth fairy was extra generous because I guess my teeth were worth $20! How exciting for me!

Letter M has an awesome product that I'm proud to promote. Introducing the Tooth Cushion. No more envelopes or placing the tooth underneath your pillow with the fear of it getting lost.

THE ANIMAL CUSHIONS are something I had a whole lot of fun with this last fall while I was designing the window panels. I created them as an exercise to improve my sewing skills, and to give to my children and to friends. A friend pointed out that they would make perfect tooth fairy cushions, so I decided to make lots and include them in the shop. image and description {from Letter M}

The designer also has a line of home accessories inspired by her love of clean modern design, bold mid-century print & pattern, and whimsical, vintage-inspired fashion. Check our her etsy shop.

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Henny @ DLSH said...

What a funny story! Your fairy is pretty generous! My niece made a card for her tooth fairy when she left her tooth under her pillow, and my sister wrote her back in a tiny little card with tiny little writing (as if a fairy wrote it), and my niece got super duper excited when she found it in the morning! Now she believes the tooth fairy more than santa.