Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stuck on Sara

I'd like to say that I have good sense when it comes to music. My dear friend may seem to differ, and I have to give him credit for introducing me to some pretty awesome artists. However, I am stuck on Sara. You know, Sara Bareilles, that girl who sings that "Love Song" song. Or as I like to call it, my happy song. I got the opportunity to see this fabulous gal in concert at the Wiltern last October and despite the 2 bimbos who kept singing EVERY song to each other and hitting me with their huge purse because of their dancing (who brings a purse the size of a bus to a concert anyways?), I still swoon over Sara's music and I was not disappointed.

Ok, here comes the good part. She's having a contest to design a poster for the Gravity tour. How excited are you now? I'm super duper excited. I've never designed a concert poster before, but with some inspiration I think I can come up with something. Here are the details from Sara herself (actually from the email I got from the mailing list!)...

We are embarking on a month of incredibly intimate shows where we are taking a new approach to our performance. Not so much costumes and circus dogs, (although that would be AWESOME) but new instrumentation and arrangements, some new songs and covers, and hopefully just a lovely bookend to wrap up our touring for this record.

The chosen submission will be picked by yours truly. (me, sara, duh.) We will do a limited edition printing of YOUR design and offer the posters for sale on the Gravity Tour ONLY!


The winner will also receive a pretty cool package of stuff:
not so much costumes and circus dogs but...
  • 4 tickets to the show of your choice
  • Meet and greet with moi (that's where we MEET and GREET each other)
  • Signed copy of Little Voice on Vinyl
  • DVD of Between the Lines
  • Sara B t-shirts and other fun stuff.

  • Submissions must be received no later than


    Ok, so how awesome is that! If you're a big fan like me, I'd like to see what you come up with. And we'll inspire each other! Good luck and go Gravity!

    photos and info from Sara B Website photos by Autumn De Wilde

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