Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"This is the most legit craft fair I've ever been to"

This past weekend was the Renegade Craft Fair in Downtown LA. They had it at the LA State Park aka The Cornfield and I was more than blown away! I was so impressed with the quality level and even though it was hotter than heck, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I got to see Danni from Oh, Hello Friend with her lovely display.

Belinda from by belinda was there selling her hand-stitched cards.

I was especially delighted to meet Ruby Ellen of Cakies. Her adorable family was there with her also!

I read her blog everyday and I practically know everything about them. Not in a stalkerish way of course. I bet she gets that all the time :). Her blog is so fun to read and I love reading about her garden and how much her and Ben are in LOVE :). If you're reading this Ruby Ellen, it was so nice to meet you and your lovely family!

I also got to see Erin and Ben of Erinzam and Studio BenBen.

They are just the sweetest. I can't resist buying something from them, so I got a bookmaking kit and a little business card organizer. I really want to take one of Erin's bookmaking classes one day. She makes the coolest books and I love her method.

Steppie was also there with her adorable pandas! She spent a whole week in Japan promoting Designs by Steppie. How cool is that!

This was such a wonderful Sunday afternoon in LA. I can't wait to share with you the goodies I got and introduce you to my new faves!


Rubyellen said...

thank you for the very kind words! it was very nice to meet you too!!! xoxo

lauren carney said...

me oh my this is quite a cutesy display!
i must say i rather enjoy the lovely photos you have kindly shared!
happy blogging! x x

Stephanie said...

The craft fair was awesome! I got some stuff from bybelinda. And yay for cakies!