Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blue Rings

Sky Ring by wireddesign

I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue stone rings. I think I fell in love with them when Chandler was picking out Monica's engagement ring and the one he chose wound up getting purchased by someone else and it was an adventure trying to get it back because that was "thee ring." (I'm referring to "Friends" of course.)

Sterling Silver & Aquamarine Ring from LINKjewelryinc's shop

Here are a few of my favorite blue rings on etsy. Hope you enjoy the collection!

Triad Bands 3 Delicate Sterling Silver Rings by nuritdesign
Rock Fetish in Sky Blue Topaz by onegarnet girl

14k Rock Fetish Ring with Aquamarine by onegarnetgirl
Princess Cut Wide Dome Ring in Sterling & Sky by onegarnetgirl
Arch Ring with Aquamarine by jewelscurnow

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