Monday, June 15, 2009

Utterly Engaged

Henny and Lucy of D*LISH Design have teamed up with Eva Chiou of Red Velvet Occasions and launched Utterly Engaged, an e-magazine full of wonderful advice and inspiration for the budget savvy bride. I am so pleased to share this with all of you because first and foremost, Henny & Lucy are 2 awesome ladies and it's full of eye candy that you'll want to read it over and over again. This is what they have to say about the magazine...

Utterly Engaged is a creative collaboration between friends, Eva Chiou of Red Velvet Occasions, and Lucia Dinh and Henny Setiadi of D*LSH Design. Utterly Engaged is an online magazine that provides brides and vendors a platform where creativity can occur through finding solutions together to create beautiful weddings without breaking the bank. Our goal is to show today's bride unique alternatives to creating a high-end look within the budget and to help vendors showcase their talents and help them succeed in a time when supporting each other is much needed.

So pass this on to your friends who are looking for ideas for their upcoming wedding! I'm looking forward to issue 2!

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Henny @ DLSH said...

Awww... thank you, Myra! You're the sweetest! Glad you enjoyed the e-zine! We can't wait to reveal the 2nd issue too. It's going to be even sweeter!