Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zee Avi :: Free In Store Performance @ Fingerprints!

Zee Avi was just as fabulous as her album. Her voice is impeccable and I love her sense of style! She's so teeny and it was a pleasure to meet her in person. We got there a little late cuz of dinner, so I don't have good pictures of her performing. My friend Jenn joined me cuz she was inspired by her music as well. She had Zee sign her iphone! Go technology!

She told us that the song Bitter Heart was featured in a Wal-Mart commercial, so if you think it sounds familiar, then that's why :).

Thanks to Danni for telling me about this in store performance. I'm sad she couldn't come with me!

Zee Avi on My Space

photo 1 by me :)
photo 2 by Jenn Vo via her iphone


Carlene said...

OooO I just checked out her MySpace page. I am in love! :) How lucky you got to meet her.

Anonymous said...

Gee thanks for telling me!