Friday, December 5, 2008


Yeah, you said it right.  The newest of the millions of blogs that I follow each day. Lovely everything!

once upon a time, a gal named tula jeng purchased a painting (see above) by artist paul kozlowski at the fake gallery in hollywood.  from that day on, her favorite color has been whorange.

in 2008, tula created WHORANGE as a way to celebrate craveable style & design in all of its splendor -- from the beautifully innovative to the gloriously gaudy.  throughout the pages of WHORANGE, you will find works by independent artists and designers, unique interiors, mid-century must haves, high brow art, low brow cravings, flea market fantasies, catwalk candy, fabulous events, ecomania, and stuff your eccentric gay uncle would love. [from whorange]  GO THERE

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