Thursday, January 28, 2010

:: Things I Carry Around in my Bag ::

Here's a little peek into my world. I've seen this done around the blogosphere and I wanted in on it too!

1. KEYS • can't leave home without those.
2. USB THUMB DRIVE • you don't carry one of these around?
3. WALLET • it's full of nonsense right now, but it's nice when I have cash in it.
4. MOLESKINE NOTEBOOK WITH COVER by Randl & pencil• it's handy when I need to jot down an idea or sketch out something when I can't explain it with words.
5. AQUAPHOR • i swear by this. it soothes my lips and keeps them nice and soft.
6. GLASSES • i need them when I drive at night. they make me look smart too.
7. CAMERA • obviously i used my camera to take the picture, but i use an ipod sock to protect it while it's in my bag. I have set of 5, but i like the neutral of the grey. My cousin Theresa gave them to me for Christmas one year :) you never know when you need to capture that special moment.
8. NEUTROGENA HAND CREAM • just a dab heals dry skin.
9. CELL PHONE • hopefully this will turn into an iphone this year. i'm praying verizon picks it up.
10. BALL POINT PEN • i normally write with a pencil, but a pen comes in handy too.

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