Monday, November 17, 2008

oh, Hello Friend :: Patchwork Vendor

oh, hello friend was one of of the booths at Patchwork that made me come by twice.  Since I was pressed for time that day, I could only stop by each place briefly.  The fam & I went to Knott's that afternoon. So... Danni Hong is the 'lil crafty one behind this operation.  I had a little conversation about the gocco and how afraid I am of it.  (I still have to make that birthday card for my dear friend. I haven't forgotten!)   She makes the most adorable buttons and stationery.  She even has little gift packs with a little bit of everything wrapped up in one!  Everything's so tiny, just like her :)! 

So I came back again because I couldn't leave without something from her, so I picked up a little button.  Her eclectic style is what keeps me coming back for more!  

Check out her site here. oh, hello friend

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oh hello friend said...

hello friend! wow, thank you for posting such a nice summary of my booth and goods! you are very kind :) love the blog! have a great week!