Friday, September 19, 2008

Kid Basix Safe Sippy Cup

Ok. So I know I said that I have an obsession for sippy cups. So where is this so called "OCD" I claim to have? Well, let's start here and I will have one every week to share with all of you who read double-sided tape. All 2 of you :).

The Safe Sippy has a medical grade stainless steel body with removable handles. It features a straw shaped spout and non-toxic silicone no-leak valve. It holds 11 oz.

Order here.

Thank you for this wonderful find.


MelliB said...

Well now that is THE coolest sippy cup I've ever seen! 1 of your 2 readers :)

MelliB said...

P.S. You are one of my 2 readers as well! Haha!